9x19mm LERM

9x19mm LERM

Manufactured to high concentricity tolerances. The 9mm Law Enforcement Risk Mitigation (LERM) round uses proprietary materials to form a projectile that provides the best of both range and energy on target. It will not ricochet off of steel targets, even if fired as close as a few inches away. Accurate out to 100 meters with ballistic performance on par with its ball counterpart.

– 100% lead free 
– will not ricochet back to the shooter when shooting steel targets
– increased barrel life 
– flat fast trajectories
– dramatically reduced over penetration compared with ball ammo. 

Outstanding for shooting steel at outdoor or indoor ranges with training or duty ammunition.  This projectile is constructed completely with nanotechnology engineered “green” materials.

There is absolutely no splash back to the shooter when fired on steel targets. With traditional frangible ammunition there can be fragments thrown back to the shooter as far back as 50 meters due to the sintered metal used. With our ZForce LERM rounds you can have realistic training scenarios in rooms without risking your shooters safety.

Accuracy and energy on target are not compromised. The 9mm LERM round provides genuine “train with what you carry” expectations.  Hit targets out to distance or up close.  No matter what combination, the ZForce LERM round delivers unsurpassed quality that will extend the life of your steel, your barrels and your range.

9mm Key Specifications
Bullet Weight 90 gr 5.8 g
Muzzle Velocity 1458 ft/s 444 m/s



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