Z Force Silentius rifles are designed for the modern battlefield operator. Silentius represents a dramatic leap forward over all other modern military battle rifles. Z Force provides an integrated suppression platform that comes in 3 lengths.

Our 11.8” Compact platform utilizes a 7” barrel and is perfect for CQB as well as engaging targets effectively out to 300m.

Our 13” SBR (short barreled rifle) design comes with an 8.2” barrel giving the user an effective range out to 450m at a slight increase in overall length. The rifle is optimized for engaging targets over open terrain and will cycle both supersonic and subsonic ammunition.

Our 16” Carbine rifle with an 11” barrel allows the chambered .30 caliber projectile to reach optimal velocity and range. This rifle is designed for sustained suppressed engagements out to 600m and will cycle both supersonic and subsonic rounds.

The Silentius integrated suppression system reduces both sound and flash signatures while offering a full picatinny rail mount for accessories such as lasers, optics, and sighting gear. The quick attach/detach suppression mount allows the operator to quickly gain access for cleaning or immediate action, while ensuring interoperability so that your rifles are never out of the fight. The 3 distinct sizes of the Silentius rifle provide the modern battlefield operator a solution for every engagement.

Ammunition 300AAC
300AAC Blackout 126gr ATC Combat
300AAC Blackout 93gr LERM
300AAC Blackout 220gr subsonic
300AAC Blackout 105gr AP (Mil/LE only)


The Z Force 13” SBR easily hitting the target at 500yds using the 126gr ATC Combat round


Z Force quick attach system allows for interoperability and ease of maintenance



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